Im starting to get to my old habbits again i try not to get close to people, because im afraid of loosing someone close to me. You see so many people have hurt and left me after i let them in my life.. this is why i try to stay away most of the times and especially from people i know im starting to grow very fond of. But lately iv'e asked myself this question a lot "what are you afraid of?" and my response always is im afraid to lose everything. Im not sure why but their are times lately where i feel truly alone i know i can count on people to talk to but i hate being a burden, and what are they suppose to do they cant really help how i feel but their are so many things i wanted at this age and it has yet to happen which makes me wonder a lot why it has yet to happen.
hitomisnow1 hitomisnow1
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013