I've been checking out my childhood friends boobs all day. I almost walked into a wall staring at them. She doesn't know I **** women or how badly I want to touch her ****. They are like hugemungulous!
RainbowLoveFire RainbowLoveFire
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No worries I stare at boobs all day too.

So hot!!

Nice pic😜

Thank you. I'm an erotic art collector.

Are you kidding..?

No I'm not. I wouldn't lie to you I have nothing to prove lol

go for it you may be surprised she may enjoy it

Lol or beat my *** and lose a 29yr relationship?!? Doesn't seem worth it.

real friends are hard to find so if you are not 100% dont do it

We're 100% she's really not into females and I don't want to lose my relationship just to touch **** it's not even that big a deal. I'm over it now.

Could you?

good for you lol

I'm pretty much over this

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