I'm glad people can't read my thoughts bc I'd be in a phych ward for being so suicidal
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don't have the guts to kill myself but wish someone would shot me sometimes!

Lets just say I have pland

Why do you feel suicidal? You know, I know it's cliche to say "it gets better" but it really does! And not in you'll become the most amazing person in the world kinda way and all of your problems will be solved. Things get better because when you grow up you'll realize no one is better than anyone- and everyone is fighting the same battle as you are-- in different ways. No one had their life figured out, and everyone is literally just trying to get by. Some people will admit to this, and some people won't. Ultimately, it's ok to not be ok- this in no way means you don't deserve to be here. There are people waiting to meet you, waiting to be touched by the beauty of your soul, this is a fact.

Same here. They would think I am a monster.

What type of thoughts would those be.

Im glad people cant read my thoughts bc I would be in jail.

According to the English language you would be going to the fike ward

Me too. Do not wanna go back for an eighth visit