Apparently staring at someone without blinking or breaking eye contact for more than 6 seconds shows a desire for either sex or murder. For me I never break eye contact, I hardly blink, but I can't help it everyone I see I either wanna kill or just **** hard!
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I remembering hearing or reading this somewhere. I always try to look normal though, so I don't do it. There was one time I " turned the switch off" and let someone see me just for a few seconds not acting. My brother asked me never to do it again.

I'm not sure if this is relatable for you but, I feel good...maybe even euphoric, staring at someone while conversing. I'm curious to hear more about that story, message me if you don't mind, sweetheartšŸ˜˜

Actually, infrequent blinking is connected to low anxiety/stress levels. This occurs commonly in diagnosed psychopaths - who tend to have low cortisol levels.

It's termed the "reptilian stare" or "predatory stare." It's useful for someone analyzing a potential victim's behaviour because they can pick up on nuances, idiosyncrasies. But really, it's just unsettling.

I wouldn't say it's simply for 'sex' or 'murder' - but rather it's used when you want something from someone, hence the analysis/levelling/judgement.

This is very true, I tend to make aggressive eye contact when trying to get my way.

Maybe both. Necrophilia. *clicks tongue*

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