Sitting in the cafeteria here, looking around as my thought run wild.. I can't imagine successfully making it out of here if I said most of these thoughts out loud.
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Don't get Reiki done then. They can see inside the very fabric of your being.

I work a customer counter deal with the public. Yesterday a very large woman came in. Bless her heart she smelled sooo bad. A pee smell maybe. I almost threw up. I was thinking to myself how awful. 2 hours later I could still smell it. I hope my customers didn't think it was me. I was thinking they might.

It's not quite so dangerous as much as inappropriate.

dangerously inappropriate.

A little danger is always appropriate. That's what makes it fun.

appropriately dangerously inappropriate.

Lmao, nice!

No one judges you here... I believe...

i judge him all over the internet.

Buy should he care...? Is the question....



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I'd help. Folk like us need to stick together.