I'm at work and in a room full of people doing their job but there's nothing for me to do. So I just sit with a straight face imagining my boyfriend doing all sorts of things to me. Hopefully no one suspects anything. Lol.
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I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be allowed in here by myself if they knew what was going on in here... it would be against the law!!!

That's what it's like being a guy all day. ****, ****, ****, **** ****

I am glad nobody can read my mind as well, it's a demented mess in there and scary at times to boot; plus if they could read my mind they would know I totally abuse my ability to visualize things from my imagination and superimpose them on my perception of the world.

They would also realize I have a unhealthy obsession with having the monty python foot show up at random and do random stuff, including squishing buildings and people.

If they could see the world through my mind, they would go insane :P
Because only I am capable of seeing the world through my eyes and staying sane, now excuse me while I try to imagine the monty python foot fighting godzilla.

excuse me.what sort of things?lol jk
ahh thats cute
"dream on dreamer"