I hate my life. Nobody seems to like me, I feel judged all the time, and I feel like a failure all the time.
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18-21, F
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Lots of people may tell you to just stay positive and press on. Well, that's actually good advice BUT... you may well be thinking, "Yeah, but my life really sucks. These people don't know me and have NO idea of all the stuff I have to deal with!"

That's absolutely correct! But what's also correct is that virtually all of us have had our own problems and hassles and stuff to deal with. Was our stuff not as bad as yours? Was it worse? None of us can say because EVERYONE'S situation is different.

But the fact is - we are still here. Yeah, think about that. We had all kinds of garbage in our lives, too, but we're still here. So, does staying positive help? Absolutely! Is that easy? Absolutely not! But there must be something to this "positive mental attitude" thing. We're the proof.

Fifteen? Twenty-five? Fifty-five? Different issues - but the same answer - keep a positive attitude. Start with simply ignoring negative input about you, your looks, your whatever - if someone is trying to fill your head with negative garbage (and this includes YOU), just refuse to dwell on it. Reject it!

Google positive mental attitude; read up on it, believe it. I am one who is still here and I'm telling you it CAN work for you if you want it. I have no doubt you can get through this. All it takes is you.

Awww you seem like you need a friend and hug 👐💕 message me if u wanna talk

I love you and haven't even met u! I felt the same way then I started writing! Maybe I could show u a story sometime

ok...thats normal. not everyone is going to like you. you cant hate your life because of the people in it. talk to them about it or ignore them...im sure you forget to look on the positive side

I am sure you are not a failure. Within you is a smart intelligent young lady.

It'll get better, I can assure you that. You just need to stay positive and focus on the good things in life and slowly things will become so much better. I know how difficult it can be. I'm here to listen, just message me if you want.