I'd Have the **** Beat Out of Me Daily

I am a mean person sometimes and i don't want to be, so I keep a lot of that stuff inside (It's bad even if I think it I know) but still I feel bad and don't want my mom to know I hate her hair cut, or yes you are getting fat, or I hate that you feel you can judge me, or your the rudest person I ever meet and you make me feel worthless,

these are things left not said I like peace and being peaceful but sometimes it eats me alive

Starbuck82 Starbuck82
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

At my age...I have learned there is a way to say EXACTLY what I am thinking without being "hurtful" UNLESS I am pissed, then all bets are off and the person is getting a tongue lashing they will most likely not recover from or are too ignorant to realize they were just verbally assaulted. Either way, I don't censor myself too much and it has made life so much more stressLESS.

I think it's impossible not to judge people, but keeping it inside, and not belabouring them with your judgements is the right thing to do (generally). It can be very hard at times, but that's what close friends are for (or EP in default of that), to let out the frustration and pain in a long echoey scream, without hurting the people around you with it.

holding it in for to long will rip you mind to shreads. but i admire that you want to keep peace between people. if i cant take the headache from holding back thoes thoughts i dont care who gets hurt, i let it all out.