Because if they could I would have been out a long time ago. I am in the closet. I have came out in my mind millions of times. My moms says " the gays are trying to steal our word: marriage" I think it's my word too. My dad says " gays are trying to end Christianity " I think but I am a follower of Christ. My mom says " my children will not be gay because we have raised them right" I think, how will I ever tell her.
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They may be afraid, and therefore close minded. Try your best to be gentle and show subtle signs, a little at a time. If they don't get it, just gently mention it to them. They may shut you out or ignore you but after a day or two they will understand and be good with it, i'm sure :)

So many things I would tell you. But i feel my hatred towards major religion or marriage would come through.

But she is right. If Christians raised you right and you are religious and want to be married you can't be light hearted and free. To much self hate and stress there.

Good on ya girl! I have been more inclined towards girls too after my first two disastrous things with guys. Easy at my all girl Convent School too!

They fact that they say these things may be a glimpse into what else is going on in their heads. They may be making this pronouncements to you because they may have some inkling that you're gay and they want you to know how much they disapprove of it. If it's truly a part of who you are, you won't be able to hide it. I bet your friends and family and those who really love you and spend time with you probably know more than you realize.

Patience, love and understanding. They need to open their minds. You might begin whenever you see a couple of girls together saying, is it better for them to love or hate each other or us it okay to just be kind and ignore real feelings?

Raised them right sounds like a close minded persen