You know what sucks about having a Monday off? For whatever reason, whether it'd be a holiday or just a day off, or maybe you called in. But the sucky part is that you'd think by having that day free you're are also free from those clich├ęd Mondays, you know groggy, half asleep work days, everyone is in a bad mood, your boss is annoying as hell, you want to throw a ******* chair at her face because she keeps asking you how your weekend was an how every single member of your family is doing, insisting on details too.. But no, the Monday passes like it's not a Monday and instead you get it all the next day. It skips Monday, do you realize that? That horrible day skips Monday and goes to the next, as if it's saying, "Well since you didn't work today I'm totally going to not be a Monday and I'll just wait till tomorrow when you do go back to work and make that day a Monday, how does that sound champ? Good? Good? Okay." It's like the annoying sophomore teacher who always wants to give a lecture during class but complains about students not getting their work done. Like why are you a ****? You know? Just saying..
VelPez VelPez
22-25, M
Sep 2, 2014