I'm really torn on this, there are some people I'd really like to know what I'm thinking. But, then again, they'd know what a huge pervert I am and be turned off a lot of the time.


For instance, there is a woman I work with, she's just gorgous! I love everything about her. We stand around and talk at break about kids or whatever, and all I can think about is want to kiss her, slide my **** in her mouth, eat her sweet ***** or just bend her over and take her right there. I'm pretty sure, none of that is going through her mind! LOL


Or, as I read stories on here I know I'm not the only guy that masturbates frequently, or thinks about women all the time. So, I'm in a meeting or talking to a guy and it's running through my head, this guy probably jacked off this morning or he's got panties on under those slacks, or a hundred other things. So, probably good no one can read my mind. But it'd sure be interesting to read others.

ArkansasJim ArkansasJim
Mar 2, 2010