Why I Like Grits

Real men value and appreciate a strong woman.

A woman who shows true grit.  One who does not back down fom her convictions, stays true to morallity and fights the fight even while it may seem to be unpopular at the moment.

Most men in America these days are afraid of their own shadow, let alone a strong woman.  They claim to be champions of women's rights, yet demean them at every turn.  How else can one explain the way another strong, intelligent woman was treated.  They attacked Sarah Palin because she too showed grit, intelligence, integrity and honor.

The first female president of the United States will be a conservative.  Women like Grits and Palin are the backbone of this country and they make a good man better.

Keep up the good fight Grits, I will always have you covered.

Orien the Hunter


orien orien
46-50, M
20 Responses Feb 28, 2009

thanks all libs for voting thumbs down on my comments...I take that as a compliment. if it ****** you off, it pleases me.

orien, thank you. I am just me and l believe you live and walk your values just not talk about them. I do have my faults but am true to myself and do not compromise my value system given to me by my family. God, Country, Family.... to work and grow the three have to work together to become stronger.

Hey- 2nd time user- nice to walk into political brilliance and interesting to note political delusions.. I'm a left-wing GOP girl, and just couldn't make myself vote this past time, for the 1st time.. the one thing McCain did that impressed me was his refusal to leave the Hilton<br />
without his buds...since, I've researched orack babama<br />
and stand some impressed-he became the 1st black head of the Harvard Law Review; he eschewed a good shot at supreme court to have at Chicago grassroots<br />
community organizing, and his refusal to defer to a female pol that wanted his seat back... he's got the toughest job goin' on since Roosevelt..when he makes a mistake, he says, "I f----d up." (Sorry, dude, that was<br />
"screwed up") He's moving to close Gitmo and Iraq..the latter will free up billions for mortgage&healthcare aid..<br />
And, girls, Michelle Robinson Obama is no slouch in being<br />
the power next to her man...I've serious issues with<br />
illegals now getting more support than natives.. it's no<br />
accident, if you've heard whispers of the "new world order" Sorry to carry on..God bless all us quickly-dessicating earthlings..

well, are you surprised that dems want illegals? that is 20 million additional votes. <br />
<br />
no, I will check it out.

when you have all of the media on your side, it is easy to just sweep the **** under the rug.<br />
<br />
Then the same scum accused Palin of calling barry a terrorist. Palin said barry was friends with a terrorist (Bill Ayers). That is a big difference.

Yeah... go figure that. Romney was an evil morman, but obama going to that church was cool...lol

Yes i do. like I said... I considered it, but when I walked in the door to vote... I just couldn't...

Cannondale...I am with you. I wanted Romney as well. To think that the other side feared him because, God forgive, he is a Mormon.<br />
<br />
At least he didn't attend an America hating, fear mongering church for the last 20 years.

I would have had to kill myself if I had voted for her. How could you ever forgve yourself.<br />
<br />
She is not a strong woman...possibly intelligent, but she is devious, vengeful and power hungry. That is not a good quality in either gender.

I considered returning the favor and voting for hillary in our primary... but I just couldn't do it....

and let us not forget that he authored the McCain Feingold crap that actually came back to haunt him.<br />
<br />
We had three libs and one conservative on that ballot.<br />
Open primaries were responsible for McCain getting the nomination...the libs voted for him more than republicans did. The obamanation was out in full force.

She is fantastic in many ways, i do agree. Glad she is on my side too!

I believe had McCain won, Palin would have gone on to become the first female president...not because McCain died in office, but because she would have overshadowed him and would have been the next GOP candidate. She still may very well be.

Same here. I did not like McCain.

I believe McCain lost because he was not a true conservative. I supported him only as the lesser of two evils. Palin really energized me and gave me hope for the future of the party.

picking up a rifle and showing up a female vp candidate <br />
does not automatically a rugged, worthwhile woman make...some things she said were whacked, and there's<br />
some valid commentary that suggests that mc cain's<br />
palin move cost him the big trophy...

that rules out nearly every liberal woman on Earth.<br />
<br />
That means half of all women are not desireable...the sacrifices we make for our principles!

I agree with both of you on all counts...

thanks bro...and real men love women who know how to fire a weapon.

Great story and I couldn't agree more.