Compromise Bill Still Has to Be Worked Out

It still is not over as the House and Senate negotiators have to work out the compromise bill.  They need to work it out, pass it in both Houses, and get it on the President's desk asap!

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Iamsomebody, I'm glad the bill was passed. I'm hoping it will be strenghtened even more in conference. And I am joining your group!

Slash spending! Cut taxes! America as it was always meant to be! Every man for himself! The strongest survive! Darwin was right, after all! But watch out for those carpetbaggers! They've ditched the bags, you know. You need to look real close, you can still detect the shift in their eyes. Other then that, we'll be free and fine! Just don't travel at night. Or alone. Cops have been laid off. And don't eat anything with peanuts in it. Only food you've grown yourself. FDA is worthless. No funding. And that heart device your cousin needs? Don't bother. Nobody ever tested it, the things a crap shoot. But hey! Its yankee ingenuity at its best!

I think they need to flush the garbage all together. Slash spending in half. Cut taxes in half, and leave the rest to American ingenuity and watch the economy roar back to life.

every American needs to take the time to read it and so do those in Washington and not leave it to their aids and staff to do it for them.<br />
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I watched and interview with one of the senators who voted yes for the bill and when he was questioned about some of the things in it he was clueless.<br />
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This bill will determine the future of not only or country but the future of our great grand children's children. I think some time should be taken to get it right.<br />
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From what I have read and seen no one involved in writing or passing this spending bill knows what they are doing.