I Guess I'm the Only One

At least here in EP that is glad the stimulus bill passed.   I just think our country's economy is in dire straights and we need to take action and that action is much better than doing nothing.

  I used to work in the RV industry so I relate to the people of Elkhart, IN.   When I first came to the city I live in this city was very very prosperous and jobs were plentyful.   Federal Minimum wage was at $5.25 or somewhere in that neighborhood and even McDonald's and other low paying jobs were paying no less than $8. some dollars per hour.   Today hundreds of thousands of people are out of work.   Our state is borrowing money from the federal government to pay unemployment ins to those w/o jobs.    I am "underemployed".      We finally have a President who cares!!!  I support our President in what he is trying to do.   The bill is NOT perfect but at least this administration is trying to do something to help the American people. 

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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Well I do not think that it is up to the government ot pull us out....It is going to take hard work from the PEOPLE...and they aree going to have to be willing to give up some things.....I do not see that happening if the government just keeps tossing money around....Maybe a Job Corps....Put them to work fixing some of the things that need fixing....I have heard that one on the Tombs of the Unknown's has a large crack in it...There is man out there that Bought a large matching piece of marble....from the same quarry that the original marbal came from...He wants to donate it to the governement to replace the tomb.But the government said No Thanks...We have to get bids...We can not take donations....Well I say take his donation....And then hire some of these out of work people...And relace that tomb......Helps the economy...Helps the people...ANd honors the Unknowns that gave thir life for Our Freedom......Came on Pres....Get your head out of the clouds....And get us on the right track