Certainy Not the End of the Problems But At Least a Start

I share the opinion of most economists that; "They're all flying blind" (the Fed and Geithner don't have any experience dealing with a set of issues as large as this hence don't have a plan guaranteed to be successful). But at least they are taking some action and applying some restrictions and a modicum of accountability to the recipients of the $.

BTW we can all thank the Republican ideologues for cutting aid to the states and education by $35 billion. (These are the same guys who allowed the multi-million dollar bonuses to be paid to executives of failed companies)

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There are several things to admire about Reagan, but his economic policies aren't among them. He was an inspiring and charismatic leader (much like Obama) whose message of rugged American individualism was perhaps just what was needed as the Cold War wound down. We owe the feelings of "Morning in America" to him. <br />
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However, Reagan declared war on the middle class. It is so sad that so many at the time (and even now) embrace the principles of trickle down economics as opposed to the progressive income tax. <br />
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"Spread the wealth around"... It's a ridiculous phrase used as a scare tactic. Uneducated people hear that and think that Obama wants to come redistribute all of the goods and savings of the rich and middle class and hand it out to people on welfare. Like I said, RIDICULOUS. <br />
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The republicans have insinuated that we would become communists under Obama, that no one would own anything anymore, we would become like Russia several decades ago. Absurd. Obama's radical scary tax proposal that McCain kept whispering would be doom and gloom? Turns out that Obama just wants to return the tax rates to the levels we had in the 1990's under Clinton. OOOOOO, SOOO SCARRRY!!! <br />
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Like dog says, the wealth has been spreading and trickling upwards since the tax cuts of 2000. In Reagan's world, everyone struggles except for the rich. He fought to kill unions and succeeded in convincing millions that unions are pure evil.

Cannon you've missed the point completely. The repubs have taken from the poor and given to the rich (with some help from the dems) for far too long. The last eight ears has seen the largest transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes to the top 1/2 of one percent of thge upper class. That has not benefited the nation. Tens of millions of hard working folk with no health care outside of an emergency room, essentially no retirement funds, and do thank the repubs for underfunding the Pension Benefit Guarantee program and failing to enforce existing law on the pension reserve required by the corps.<br />
In todays world your mom the nurse and dad the cop wilol have to work till they die and pray that they don't have any catastrophic medical situation because they'll be on the street lkie hundreds of thousands of "middle class" people are now.<br />
We need to stop the rich from taking more from us and actually take back what was stolen from us!<br />
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Obama and the dems will not do that but at least they owe more allegence to the citizens of our country rather than to the banks, wallstreet and the corps who send our manufacturing abroad.

Yes I would disagree.. having lived through it (Reganomics; the start of the trickle down economic policies the republicans continue to espouse) as an adult I have to say that I never agreed with his anti-worker bent or his support of the many dictatorships we were financing at the time i.e. Chile.<br />
His deficit spending tax policies were a detriment to the general social good and they have been proven to enrich the rich even further at the expense of the working people.<br />
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Re your earlier question about my "entitlements":<br />
I receive none other than SS (I'm retired after paying into the syst for 45 years). I am however pissed as hell that my 401K's have lost 60% of their accrued value - $ money I was planning to use to ease my old age.

Cannon...you are asking him to think. That is so cruel of you...his mind closed long ago,

dog...libs can be of either party, mainly demos.<br />
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Politicians have caused this economic problem and they will not be the ones to rescue us. They only pretend to be our savior to buy votes from the easily duped voter.

Get real will you? Who do you think is responsible for reducing the regulatory and oversight capacity of the SEC, Fed, EPA, FDA, CDC, etc. etc. if not the laissez–faire capitalists from the Project for a New American Century and Bush? Without any (very little) regulatory control of the financial system the Wall Street whiz kids singlehandedly generated the biggest collapse of our economy since the Great Depression. Credit default swaps, securitized mortgages made with no collateral or investigation, and then Bush gave out 700 million without a single check or balance in the whole deal. Yeah Bernanke was sure right, the banks will know how to save the economy just give ‘em the cash look how well that’s worked out. And to top it off Bush and his party threw away 100’s of billions of $ in an unfunded war (thought you guys were to PayGo boys). That was only one of the factors leading to a tripling of the national debt, and the collapse of the financial system, AND YES I lay it all at the feet of the “government is the problem” republicans.

Aw Doggy, is that all you got? Your state is an economic disaster and really a has been. You didn't answer the question! Why are all the cities and states run by libs, in the financial tiolet?<br />
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Maryland really wasn't worth one visit, no worry of my returning. woof woof

orien How's your revolution going?<br />
Re your statement "Maryland...a dump and one of my least favorites in my travels to all 50...er 57 as Barry would say." I've never read a more incisive economic analysis! Don't let the dogs bite you as you haul your butt out of Maryland.<br />
If you never return I'm sure we won't miss your economic wisdom. LOL

Cannondale<br />
You “sir” are a fool! Your statement; “Your a communist” is ludicrous!<br />
Crawl back into your failed trickle down economics hole and pray that the “liberal” Democrats are able to pull us out of the god awful mess you republicans have gotten us into.<br />
In case you didn’t notice you and your ilk have been repudiated! Neiner neiner….<br />
BTW; Please learn to spell Cannondale. When you attack me personally you should at least run your drivel through spell check. Your is the possessive form of you and I’m sure you meant to use you’re (a contraction of you and are)

Accountability? Are you that gullible. This is a free for all giveaway to the libs' supporters with no strings attached.<br />
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The states need to take care of themselves and not rely on federal tax dollars. My state is run by a fiscal conservative and is only one of four that has a balanced budget and a surplus...all done without raising taxes. I do not want to bail your liberal state out the mess it has created for itself.<br />
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Take a hard look at every major city and state run by libs...they are all bankrupt!!! Do you have any idea why? Libs are incompetent tax and spenders...that's why. Oh, and most are corrupt as well.<br />
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Maryland...a dump and one of my least favorites in my travels to all 50...er 57 as Barry would say.