I want to take a second to express how lucky I feel that I have a place in EP  .Sometimes things so wild,.unexpected and mind-blowing happen and you can't even wrap your brain around it enough to deal with it.When it feels like someone has taken your hopes and dreams and just smashed them against the closest wall, and you aren't sure anymore of even your most basic of foundations,you can   write it down.Get it out of your system attempt to toss it off your shoulders because it's just too heavy to bear and the one who used to bear your burdens seems to be the one doing the smashing.It's also a blessing because people here care enough to tell you what they think,or what they've gone through.They give you hope and sometimes that swift kick in the *** if that's what you need.They are really what make sharing here worthwhile.Thanks guys.

34Einnor 34Einnor
Mar 13, 2010