THANK You God For Loving Me

   Some may ask what does it mean to fear GOD. Please do not miss understand me. I LOVE GOD. He is wonderful to me. I also Fear HIM because I KNOW what the end result is for not obeying, and following his words. It is so much easier to be good than not. My faith in GOD comes first in my life. Everything else follows as it should.
  I am so THANKFUL that he sent his SON to die for us. I am also THANKFUL to Jesus Christ for sheding HIS blood for us. He didn't have to , but he did. I know it's not a price I would want to have to pay my self.
   THANK YOU GOD for LOVING me that much!

mommatrish mommatrish
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2 Responses Jun 23, 2007

Thank you for the kind comments.<br />
I too have heard it put that way. I am so blessed that I had a mom that taught me right from wrong, that she took me to Church and tought me all she could.

well put. i heard that its much better to live life right and die to find out there is no GOd than to live life wrong and find out there is a God.