My Marriage Lasted 10 Months

I got married because it was something I felt I had to do.  I was pregnant 22 already a mother and trying to make bills.  My husband at the time had been dating me for 3 years and I thought I knew him.  We got married in March and our daughter was born in June.  Once our daughter was born I realized he was not father.  He would rather go play build a boat for no money than spend time with his newborn.  He would rather spend money on a motor than food for the family.  The final straw broke when I caught my husband stealing my makeup.  He had been laid of from work staying home all day not taking care of our daughter as she was in daycare while I worked.  I found a makeup bag that was not mine with parts of my makeup in it.  I found a bookbag with womens clothes too big for me.  When I asked him about it, he then told me he longed to be a women.  The reason why he did not participate with my pregnancy and the the baby was that he was jealous that I could do something he could never, have a child vaginally.  I tried to support him by offering to take him to counseling I tried to help by keeping him on my insurance but to raise two kids have a uncorrect relationship to a man that wanted to be me was too much I kicked him out. 

That was in 2004 our paper work was filed and we are fighting for custody.  He has subsided his sex change goals to fight for custody.  How can we be a parent if we dont know who we truly are>?  Seven continunces and no divorce later I am still fighting the hardest battle ever.

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1 Response May 20, 2007

This battle was fought 4.5 years. I would say I won but really no one won anything. The child is the one that lost the most :(