Upside And Downside

Dear Readers,

I have been working in the Middle East for almost two years now.  Almost two years of 48 hour-work-week and trying to fit-in with the usual expat lifestyle of going out and watching dramas.  Before I continue with my story, I will briefly explain why I chose to come here.  

When asked, people would usually say, they chose to work here because the work is not that hard and the pay is way better than what one usually gets back home.  However, in my circumstance, that is not the case.  Coming here means to try to live differently in the sense that, I do not have any family members here.  Hence, it means total independence.  As planned, I have achieved independence, inner-strength, self-confidence and other plus2 characteristics which will take years to develop back home.  That is the "upside" of living in this country; now, the downside.

Back home, I'm used to work that involves so much brain-work,  I do teaching, researching, editing, designing among others.  I am always on the go, if possible I keep myself busy between my job, my pro-bono work and my extra-income activities.  In between, I still do watch television but more often I bury my nose in a book.  The down-side of being here, though I have been able to improve my art as a means of stress release, I barely have time to read books since previously, buying books is not feasible since once I buy one I cannot stop and if I have to go home, I have to pack-up everything and send it via Fedex or something of the likes.  E-books at times get on my nerves.  Moreover, when I read e-books I usually choose the 'light ones."  Bottomline, the reasons previously mentioned sound more like excuses.  It really is.  There is no point crying over spilled milk.  It is over and done with.  For the past year and a half, I indulged myself in "Asian dramas."   At first, it was not noticeable.  However now, watching Asian dramas plus a big "negative" communication in the office has dwindled my English literacy to "below sea-level."  Furthermore, I am suffering of "brain-drain" from the repetitive no-brainer work I do everyday, not quite what I was used to.  This situation has brought so much frustration no "art-work" or "stress-release" activities can counter.  So, what do I do?

Since I got back from vacation,  I have been trying to read more books like Nicholas Sparks, Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling and other educational books.  It helped a little but there's something blocking my 'communication" system.  A few days ago, I came upon a site called "Daily Writing Tips."  It is a site filled with interesting and practical means of rebuilding my "brain drain" syndrome.  Yesterday, I read Nicholas Sparks' "The Choice" and today, I followed a writing tip on "writing in verbatim" the lines from favorite authors.  However, in my case, I am doing the most basic. I am writing down the words and their meanings.  It really is releasing some of the frustrations I am having and is enlightening too.

There is nothing more effective than going back to basics.
justela83 justela83
May 21, 2012