Brain Atrophy

I'm hoping to start classes in August. I'm sort of scared though because I've been out of school for close to four years and it was not easy for me the last time. I'm worried I'm not smart enough to finish. I'm worried that over the last four years of just working and not doing anything requiring much intelligence has caused brain atrophy. But I can't let that fear rule my decision to continue my education. I have to finish my degree so I can get a better job than the one I'm stuck in right now.
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Hello, i just read your post about brain atrophy, last week the neurologist told me the same, I have the images of the CT. Your post was from last year, how are you doing? I am curious about what the Dr. Told you the cause was?

No worries, girl!! You will be just fine :) <br />
In my experience, evening classes tend to be more populated with people who are a little older and have day jobs. I don't want to say that they are easier (although I think they are), but there are more adult/mature people to relate to than during normal day classes. <br />
I also think that online classes are the hardest classes to take - they are more work in the end. <br />
Truth be told, I actually think some of my college classes are easier than some of the high school classes I took. <br />
Good luck and have fun!!

I experienced this, but your brain will adapt. Give it some time and focus hard on school. It will be tougher, but remind yourself that you will better yourself through this. There's nothing like school *sigh*