Its Time

I am still a young adult. I have been graduated for going on 4 years from high school. I went to a community college directly out of school a few years ago and didn't succeed, I ended up dropping out completely and joining the workdforce. As the years have gone by and I have hopped from warehouse job to warehouse job and met a lot of different people. I have been blessed with the opportunity of really finding myself. I have had a lot of free time and I have observed my friends lives as they further their education in college. I have realized that they have been, almost what I would consider, warped by societal views. They cheat through classes and copy off of other people. And the education system has really lost its nature. From what I have seen from the outside is school is no longer about learning and actually furthering your education. It is about getting a piece of paper at the end of 4 years to symbolize you have been to school for 4 years longer than other people. So in turn you can get more paper... now I want to explain my mindset. My dream would be to change the education system and help bring back the meaning of the phrase "knowledge is power". Nobody cares to learn anything anymore. The curiousity of the general public is dwindling. I feel like people are becoming more like sheep and being directed into lifestyles that are unhealthy and ugly. I just wish everybody would think for themselves. It seems like that is extremely hard to find. Anyways, that's my small story.
rileysill32 rileysill32
18-21, M
Sep 24, 2012