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Well, at 45 and am finding myself needing to go back to school. Don't get me wrong, I want to go back now. After high school, I did the next thing. I went to college not having a clue what to do and majored in Office Admin and got my Associate's degree. That was back in the days when you learned short hand. Then I got married, had children and never got a job with that degree. So, I was blessed to go back and get my Bachelor's in Radiology. I loved it and had many different jobs at different places and then after 11 years, it stopped. I moved to another city due to my husband's job transfer and my job stopped. So, I to quickly go back to work in retail and found out that that is not my cup of tea. So, here I am with another opportunity to go back and find a new career. I am somewhat scared since now I am alone and who wants to hire a middle age woman.
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a lot of people will want to hire you but if you do not find that to be the case create your own job.Become an entrepreneur.You can do it.

Not everything requires a lot of capital to get started but creativity and hard work will certainly be necessary.

I agree.

You know I happen to be 63, with three degrees.

My last job was in a lumber yard. My resume only should one of my degrees.

when you say you are a middle aged woman......are you putting yourself in a box ?

Which area of study ?
There is some discussion here you might find useful :

I have heard Radiology, though a specialisation, usually has a lot of demand ? May be you should start working under a radiologist for a while and then see where to go from there ?

I appreciate your readiness for formal study at 45.