I Feel Like An Idiot

Today was the first day of the math review class I signed up for before the official semester starts.  The class started out by taking a 50 question test, just to see how much we knew.  ACK!  I missed 19.  Some young kid in the back said I only missed 3!  I wanted to smack him. 

We worked on fractions & decimals & converting them back & forth.  My head hurt.  I'm starting to wonder if I made a mistake in doing this at my age.  And this is just SIMPLE math.  What am I going to do when we get into the real stuff.  I think I'll go puke now.

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So where are you now?

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Since I wrote this story, I have graduated summa ***-laude.

Dont fret, everyone hates math. I had to take a basic math class my first year of college. It was packed with people like me who just got out of high school, grant it i didnt take a math 12th grade. But its hands down the class that gives the most trouble so of course when someone is good at it they feel the need to show off. I hope you dont let 1 class mess u up. Its just a 1 class, if ur other grades are ok no school is gonna kick you out, they will see you work hard just have trouble in that area. Believe me college is worth it no matter what age.

Good work. Keep it up. Going back to school is a big step forward...

I am finishing up my AA in English right now, I have about a year left and stupid me I saved math to the very end. I am also in a basic math class and I am freaking out because I have to take another math class after this one to get my AA and math just doesn't make any sense to me at all. But none of my other classes were as bad as math so I just keep thinking to myself that at least this is the worst of it and once I get through it and achieve my goal it will all be worth it and nothing will ever be able to take that feeling away. I hope that is at least a little encouraging.

I don't think you're making a mistake going back to school. I like to think we're never too old to learn things. I had problems with math in school too. Lots of people do; it's nothing to be ashamed of. Best of luck with your studies! :-)

I can understand,jbhmmm