I Was Eager Going Bald

I want share about my experience here...i have thick and long hair until bottom but oneday i feel excited for change my style...i cut bob hair 1 month ago but i am eager to do hair cut more short even bald smooth...i had dream since childs oneday i want shave my head clean but i cant do it because my situation not support me..even i dont have women friends like me have same feel. ..i love see bald women everyday i see on youtube about headshave women i wish i can to be a part like them but. ..around me not support me...1 week ago i decide to do haircut very short like pixy cut but more short...i am soo happy but i still not satisfy until i be bald women..i am so eager to shave my head clean..smooth..shine...but no one support me here...no one help me for do it..pls give me advise for this case
cicik8 cicik8
26-30, F
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Sounds like fun.

Hi. This is very important to you. How has it been working out?

hii like your passion about head shave, would you like to get head shave by me ,I will give you smooth shave ...

Really? How u do it

I want to cut your hair in stages ,then will shave you smooth... check your inbox


you got my message ..

where are you from?

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