I Cant See !!!

My eyes are getting progressively worse by the day .After going to an eye specialist I find that I have RP ...retinitus pigmentosa for which there is no known cure .I just turned 52 and find daily that

there is more and more I dont see .I cannot see to pluck my brows any longer , I cannot see the dust on my furniture ,I cannot see the colors of my eyebrow and lip pencils .I actually went out with RED EYEBROWS !!! one night !!!

Yes i have the 25 X magnifying mirror ,it helps some .i dont know how much more of this I can take . I was adopted at birth and this is the only gift I ever recieved from my natural birthmother,as i found out thats its hereditary .

I lost my right hand in a factory accident dec14/1982 and things are already difficult enough . Also I,m very bitter ,I just found out that my husband of 21 yrs is/has been having an affair !!!

I,m angry  ,Im confused  and for Gods sake ! 

I cant see !!!


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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Hi there I too have RP I got diagnosed at 19 I have a genetic form of RP one specialists are still trying to discover. All my family on my mothers side carry the gene. My mam who just turned 43 yesterday is completely blind but has adjusted very well. I am lucky mine has not been to progressive yer but I am prepared to go blind. So chin up it could be worse we are still alive and still able to live a full and happy life.

you cannot see.. then how you type .. . thats great first time i am seeing a person who cannot see but can type too.. thats great and you r brave.. love you

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