Going To Wear A Patch Soon.

My left eye has always been weaker then my right, the doctors have tried using a patch over the good eye, until I got hit by a car, they have tried using a thick lens on a pair of glasses, I have had numerous surgeries and recently have been told that I am going to be blind in my left eye before I am 25. they also said, it would only be a matter of time, before my other eye goes out as well. 

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I am going blind in both of my eyes. Its a disease called RP and it ultimately will leave me without sight starting with nightblindness and then peripheral vision down to nothing. I understand some of the emotions you must be feeling. I am here if you need a shoulder.

Huggs _ you can prepare urself if that is the case find a blind person's charity or meet blind people and learn all the tricks of coping- also learn u can still have a great life. Go and see beautiful things and store them in your memory- and then I hope u'll always have vision. I hope the dr's are wrong but atleast if they are right-you'll have time to prepare- don't waist it being depressed- live it and love it because somepeople don't get the chance to prepare or to store up memories- and huggs for u