Guide Me

hi friends... plz guide me wat to do.... am loving a guy for 2 months... i know him before 2 months from Facebook... and we have became very close within 5 days... he said about his past love on the very first day of our chats... well slowly i have fallen in love with day i told this to him but he rejected me... he said still he cant able to come from his past love... even though she got married before 2 years still he is in love with her...but now he is very close to me... still he cant able to avoid me... he said may be after some years later he can consider me... now he dont have any girl friends... he spend most of his time with me... and i meet him and stay with him for 3 days in his home when her parents went out for vacation.. and we had a sex relationship too... but still now he dint accept my love... i don't know whether he loves me or not... but he likes me very much and share everything about him to me... he concentrate on my future also he ask me to study well and he cares me upto the core... now i dont know whether he will accept me as his life partner.. i wont marry anyone if he dint marry me... what shall i do..?
suryapugal suryapugal
18-21, F
May 18, 2012