Today Was Grey

i hate that im so angry with my friends, i just want to punch them. my boyfriend broke up with me last monday and ive been feeling empty ever since, two of my 'friends', people that i used to get high with, are total ********. i sat in art class today and my heart was breaking, i just cried on the back table on my own as they all acted awkwardly, i cant help the tears falling from my face. they moved to another table and didnt acknowledge my existence, this is why i miss my ex so much. hed be there when i was sad, i could tell him little things like these and hed make me feel better. its petty and stupid but right now i need friends and the removal of my boyfriend makes me realise how alone i really am in thie world, i hugged my mother today and i just didnt want to let go, i appreciate her love more than anything in the world and i am so grateful for the family i have. i know im lucky, i know its stupid that im hurting but i just am and i cant help that. i hate that my friends dont see it as a big deal, my heart is in pieces and my friend shouted at me to get over it. **** off. just **** off.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

You need new friends. Dont worry you will make new ones! Those are not real friends. When i broke up with my boyfriend recently, what made it easier for me to move on was that i had my parents there to back me up and my best friend to make me feel better. Looks like those friends were just there for the good times. You need friends that will be there no matter what. Even though we dont see each other you can always consider me a friend that you can talk to online when you need someone to be there for you. :)