My life like most others is a rollar coaster, I am stressed out and i am freaked out over my relationship. I believe that my friends what few i have are going to stop talking to me, My kids all under age 5 will grow up and hate me, and that because i had cheated on my boyfriend in the past that he is going to leave me and take our two kids with him. And while this is going thru my mind i want to lock myslef in a bathroom and cut at my arms and my legs.  Thats the way that i deal with stress and everything else. I don't find joy in anything anymore i just want to cut and cut. That is why I know that i am going down again.
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26-30, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2007

Hey, hey , hey ! Wait a minute. Why all this negativity ? Life can not be that bad. It seems that you have lots of issues to deal with and from what you write a lot of these are in your mind. You have to deal with 1 issue at a time. Start with your kids and bf, show them love and care regularly, it will help. When they start responding you will feel good.<br />
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Make time to talk to your friends about general things, dont wait for them to call, you call them to keep in touch. Remember their special days and wish them.<br />
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Over time you will find a lot of what you do will be reciprocated and you will feel great.<br />
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Be patient and give your actions time, but start to act positive and try and be positive. If you need someone to chat to then I am here.