I Try To Avoid That Trip To Go Back Home For Some Stupid Reasons Of My Own

Just did it and now i feel why ? why   just not do now... i have no answer for it ...why i never took that step before ? why i waited soo long why why why ... i ask these why to myself and  i get voice from inside  " just  shut up and do what ever  u r  doing now"

life is good... life is diffrent ... people looks at my life and they admire me what i had and have and where i stand now and before but i feel not the same and feel just to achive at that point i lost soo much and soo much more i have to loose if i don;t slow down or  change the path that i have choosen 12 yrs ago.

bravo1125 bravo1125
31-35, M
May 1, 2010