I left my home town in 1993 and now I am heading home.

This photo of Cape Town is courtesy of TripAdvisor" />

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city not Town, princess.

Around 5mio people there.



Have left again.

In Hoedspruit.

Yes, it is a beautiful town. So you really didn't get my Christmas card eh? ;0( pssst..can teach me how to post pictures in here please. I need your expertise ;0) xx


Pictures from your computer. Save the pics to your photo album or some other web space. Opent the pic. Copy the url line. Now edit your story. click on the pic icon, paste the url line where it is required. Voila your pic is there.

Ok. I will try some time this week when I have more time. I'm spending too much time in here yanking your chain again;0) thx


I am in the shadow of the mountain

so you are marching from Pretoria.. why would you give all that up.. The smell of Iscor, the snobiness of Waterkloof.. The statue of Oom Paul....juslaik! what's wrong with you

Aye Miss Spring

25km away, now



The photo is amazing. You are lucky to have been a witness to such beauty.

Thank you, Princess BB



Yes, yes....I understand that part in two languages, now.......

but....... wait.....

let me go get my pliers.

Stubborn ones like wisdom teeth.


the eagle has landed.

If that's the best you can do, Sir b.

Sometimes talking to men is like pulling teeth....

Ich gehe zu Hause.

Ist das gut?

Whaaaaaaaat, do you think that this is facebook????????


Well, give us some details, for Heaven's sake!!!

Miss Q

So it is!

Miss Tas

I am in Pretoria - 1000 mi from home

Ah yes...I just looked it up, Table Mountain. It looks glorious. Happy migrating. It must feel good.

I think I just saw a picture of this mountain in a story about the "new seven wonders of the world", didn't I?

Where are you now then?