Stone Road

There is a stone road between here and there
and I am driving. 
Top down slowly the red Porsche glides 
No cigar burns this evening's incense
for I am already blessed 
for my music is quiet …
and so am I

There is a turkey gobbling somewhere in the dusk
A cow moos.  
A stone deer missing an antler signals me
that here, maybe, just maybe,
I can stop running. 
I can open the clenched fist
Loosen the clenched jaw
and breath

The septic is bad. 
The well is sulfur. 
The stars are bright
And I am home

Mary’s roses, red and prim
wisteria grows 30 feet
and hangs off the pines
like Christmas. 

Lots of paint and sore muscles lay ahead. 
I am just a visitor
but for time.

I’m sitting in a wood kitchen chair in the grass
‘cause it’s all I have… that and the stars above…
and finally a tomorrow
that is mine

                         (my back yard to the tree line)
Baroquenhorse Baroquenhorse
51-55, M
2 Responses May 8, 2012

Poly, I wake to roosters sheep and turkeys. the sun rises in the back, and a cool gentle breeze crosses my porch. <br />
thank you...

Looks like such a peaceful place.<br />
<br />
Life sounds like it's on an upswing for you.<br />
<br />

Yes Olivia. It is very peaceful. It is what I need. i sit outside by myself each night with a cigar and bourbon and shake the pressured past off and the good that i have been blessed with coalesces in my mind. My head still is ringing.
I guess at some point I will be lonely, but for now i just need to be still and remember to breath.

What I've found is that when I'm at peace with myself, I am never lonely. I believe that if you are happy with yourself, whether you are the only one sitting looking at the stars at night, or you have a friend next to you, you will be just fine. And yes, always remember to breathe and be grateful for all you have.