My Momma Told Me...

My well went dry...  go figure.
there goes the furniture money
I guess i will just have to wait on that couch
and a rug or two
and a TV


Sitting outside with a smooth bourbon and a nice cigar 
I am am pondering my situation
(I am a little mad and feeling sorry for myself)
As time goes on, I have a greater appreciation of my parents 
What they had to deal with, and the grace they had under fire.
I was very lucky
talking to them from my heart,
Sitting in a wicker chair in my stone breezeway
I felt compelled to take a walk in my back yard.

Tiger lilies and roses bloom 
I never met her, but Virginia's soul still lives in her garden
I can't help but think that she met my mom (or my dad charmed her)
in that place we can't be (just yet)
For me to have arrived here

You know,
looking at this
who needs a TV
who needs a couch
they will come in time
I have my roses
and I am blessed

 From my garden... (thank you Virginia)

Baroquenhorse Baroquenhorse
51-55, M
2 Responses Jun 4, 2012

PCA- The old Chinese curse is "may you lead an interesting life". <br />
It is amazing what we do get used to... when i finally got a bed last month (a real bed) it was amazing. (I think there is a story in there)

Sounds like you've got your priorities straight !