I am from Florida, living in Oklahoma now for school. I went to high school for a few years, but my parents were constant movers. In Florida I used to attend FIT there and failed out with a .76 GPA, came here, withdrew from all of my classes, and went back to a community college to fix the damage. I'm happy to say that I'm at around a 2.7 now, going into my second semester of Junior year. Anyway, to the relevant part, I came back to face my demons, and because I had a girl that I greatly loved here, in Oklahoma. That ended fast, she just wasn't the right one, and after four months of being without her, just keeping in touch as friends, I've realized that I just didn't love myself. I've decided to leave here for UCF in the fall, it's time for me to move on past my nostalgia. Moving around so much has really forced me to look at the past and find myself wanting, but I can't run away from my future anymore. My parents are finalizing their divorce back home, my mother is sick and in the poor house, and I feel  selfish for having abandoned them to sow my past, especially when they needed me. I'm going to go back to Florida not for them though, but because I need to move on finally. I feel like it wasn't in vain coming here though, I did great this semester regardless of all of the pain of that break-up, and the rocky start that I came in with. Somehow though, i feel remorse for leaving, but I think it'll pass, and I think the right decision is always the one that brings at least a little pain.

Alyosha Alyosha
18-21, M
May 1, 2009