Those That Made Home, Home

I'm going home! I live almost 3,000 miles from the place I called home for most of my life. The whole experience of going back home is outstanding and I love going as often as possible.

This time is different though, my grandmother passed away this summer and now it's time to go back and take care of her estate. It will be my first visit home with no grandparents left. I was closest to the set that just passed.

I am sad but at the same time my life was so surrounded with love from them that I am more happy about the outstanding quality of time and love we all shared than I am sad they are gone. What great lives they had. Home was filled with such love, honor, respect and laughter.

When I'm sad I think about how much HOME meant to me because of them and that THEY are what made home, home. The memories that are just so good that they replace my sadness or tears with smiles and warmth in my heart.

I'm going home but not to cry. At least not until the key leaves the door for the last time and I know that my tears will spill. I'm going to memorize anything that is left to be remembered and then I am going to come home to where I now reside and live the life that has been so beautifully shaped by the people that made home so memorable.

constantchange constantchange
36-40, F
Nov 3, 2009