T-minus 4 Months

I passed my physical for the marines, and i swear in april first, i cant any earlier because my recruiters already swore in as many as they were allowed to, and then i have to wait until july to go to san diego for boot camp because i have to wait for my friend to graduate who is going with me...

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lol, thanks, if i'm ever in that area i'll definitely stop by... i'll need my usmc tattoo after i graduate boot camp earn the title of Marine...

lol.....Oohrah...Another jarhead in the making!<br><br />
Congratulations!<br><br />
Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the future if you get sent to Camp LeJeune, North Carolina and want a tattoo. I'm a civilian and been here 30 years so far and my little brother is a Master Sargent here at mainside.<br><br />
Semper Fi!