Finally Some Weight Loss Sucess!

I have been on the hcg diet for a little over a month now and I am so excited! I have lost almost 25 lbs! First time in quite awhile since I have felt hopeful, motivated and yes even happy about my achievements in weight loss! I have some weight (actually a lot) more to lose but what a terrific start! I'm do excited!
Remi213 Remi213
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

WELL DONE! It is Winter here and the worst we have had in 60yrs.<br />
I have gained weight and needed to loose befor winter so now I am round.<br />
Given myself 2 weeks and then starting by then the warmer wheather should of started even if it hasn't too bad I can't take this anymore. Again well done.

Congrats! Its wonderful hearing all of these stories of success! Hope I do as well!

Congratulations! I hope I'm as successful as you!