I had a great time yesterday as I went to a Macy's store to vist the MAC counter in preparation for a dinner date with female friend of mine. The makeup artist there applied the mackup on me explaining why and what she was doing, I was allowed to ask questions. This was a good learning experience, you also get a lot of attention as a man dressed as a women getting your makeup done. There was plenty of time between customers for women to come up to you and start conversation with you and offer advice on what brushes to buy, and tell how pretty I was looking. It was a fun time, I had pictures taken after she was done as it turned out very well. After going shopping with my new face I met my friend at restaurant and had to call her back as she walked by me. After a two hours of dining and talking she went home and I went back out to mall to buy three new nightgowns to replace the ones I have worn out.
I have posted a picture of the finished results, not saying I can duplicate this but gives me something to shoot for.
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What a marvelous afternoon you must have had!

Had a great time and learned a lot about makeup also, now I dress more often it helped a lot.