First Date With Tenant

Ok, so my wife and I have been a couple for 5 years and we have had a lot of fun swinging and doing lots of fun things. But we never had a relationship with anyone close to us or anyone that could really be in our lives very much. Well a few years back we came to own an old apartment building, small and snug and not much to look at. It's in a bad neighborhood but we don't have any problems with money so we decided to try and fix it up and rent the apartments out. We got a landlord, but she is Pakistani and doesn't speak the best English, but we don't have the heart to replace her or even want to bother with it since we don't have to handle much with the building unless it's an emergency. Well, the majority of the tenants are foreigners from Turkey, India, Japan, and South America. My wife and I are white, specifically Canadian but we moved to the States when we got married. Once in a while my wife and I would go check out the building just to see how things were going. Sometimes if it was a situation where we had to be there fast either I or my wife would go straight from work and the other one of us would stay working. Because a lot of the tenants are from abroad they don't always get along and aren't very high-brow individuals, at times very crude. When fights broke out and it became too much of a disturbance my wife would sometimes go over and put her foot down. Everyone there knew we were the owners and when we came it meant we were serious. We had a good relationship with the local police and they knew how to handle our situation. In retrospect it would have been better to screen the tenants when we were first letting people move in, but we just used craigslist because we didn't really think it would be important as it was our first apartment building. I'm a very good looking guy, and my wife and I work out regularly. She has a busty body and no belly whatsoever, she's really curvy and she keeps herself always looking sophisticated and sexy, as do I. The Pakistani landlord became attracted to me and whenever I came over alone she would flirt with me, even sometimes gently holding or squeezing my ***. She is a bit older than us, but she looks very exotic and definitely has a sexy body. She has a dainty accent and she can be very tough and stern with the tenants, which is why we liked her in the first place. Some of the tenants who caused a lot of trouble, ie the ones who drank excessively or who partied too much or would get into arguments with the other tenants and generally had bad attitudes, would hit on my wife. Most of the time when she had to visit she would be in her work clothes. She has her own office, as do I, and she dresses sometimes in a full dress or something that showed her legs or cleavage. She did not hold back, and she is very confident and firm about herself. She gets hit on at work occasionally but of course she ignores it or responds appropriately. We are our own employers, and so we don't have to worry about a hierarchy putting pressure on us.

Anyways, the tenants would hit on her, I heard even sometimes would swipe or rub their hands on her waist or thighs. There were two tenants she really liked and allowed their flirtations to continue on a gamble. One of the tenants was named Mervin (It's Turkish so I don't know if I'm spelling it right). He would invite my wife over when she would visit for Turkish coffee. He was openly flirtatious with her, complementing her on her clothing and her eyes and legs and enticing her to come into his apartment with sly words. She isn't unaware of what is going on, my wife is just as conscious of every situation as I am and she has control over it all. Eventually after a few visits by her we talked about it and said it would be exciting to have a little side sexcapade with Mervin. He was very attractive, and he is somewhat well built but a bit scrawny. He is younger, probably around 26 or 27 years old and his apartment was not very well kept. The wife suggested she try to get him to rest his hand on her leg and I knew that would be too easy so I coerced her into trying to get him to show her a picture of his ****. Now that means he can't show his actual **** to her, only a photo. It can be by accident or on purpose, but only a photo. Well, she did it a month later after we made the plan. She had conversed with him enough to be comfortable talking about sex. According to the wife he brought up sizes and lengths of the penis and she took advantage of the topic to get him to prove to her the size of his ****. He told her to wait there and he left the room and then came back with a photo on his phone. Now most guys who are into saying their **** is small, but my **** is not small and I'm not going to pretend I've seen other guys with bigger ***** than mine. Despite the size, she said his was uncut which she has never experienced before (simply a matter of preference until now) So after another 2 weeks she got him to ask her out to dinner and she insisted it would be great but that her husband would have to come as well. She got him to agree to that and my understanding is that the dinner is going to go along with the understanding that she is going out on a date with him. So now we are changing and the wife is dressing (almost done getting ready now since the beginning of me writing this). She's wearing a black and silver dress with a diamond necklace, earrings, her regular jewelry, and stilettos. She did her hair and her cleavage shows a teeny bit more than what casual would be. We're going to a very expensive restaurant and I doubt the tenant will be able to pay for anything there so naturally we'll be paying for him. We'll see how things go. I should add also that the relationship with the Pakistani landlord has developed as well, but I want to leave that for another post.
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