For My Birthday

My birthday is in a couple of weeks and we're going out to dinner, the usual place - our favourite place, that does my favourite pumpkin soup and my favourite lamb dish. I always get the same thing lol, he gets something different every time.

I am scared of my birthday becuase I am getting older, but its a great reason to get dressed up, go out and spend a lot of money on one meal lol.

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6 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Oh you are a kindred soul! Iv spent years working on Max to get him to like pumpkin!!!! He still doesnt really like it but he does manage to eat it, it used to trigger his gag reflex! So he's come a long way, there is hope yet!<br />
BTW, light sour cream is a fantastic idea ;)

Well....... what about light sour cream?? That's be ok right lol? Don't worry, I love my pumpkin soup with a warm buttery roll... which is not very healthy either lol.<br />
I know! So many people against pumpkin! Its taken me years to get him around to liking pumpkin and its only butternut, which is fine becuase its the best anyway :P. <br />
I am so with you on that, its comfort food, warm and velvety and yum, but also healthy which is rare in comfort food lol.

Ahahaha so evil!<br />
I dont know why so many people dont like pumpkin - I love it - and most of all in soup with a generous dash of sour cream ;) Its just so warming and tasty and healthy too. Though maybe more healthy without that sour cream!

Thanks Aurora! It'll be great. <br />
YAY! Another person who likes pumpkin soup!! No one else but me that I know likes it lol. Its actually my choice for our wedding entree hehehehe... pumpkin soup makes my sister in law sick *wicked laugh here* that'll be her wedding gift to me :D.

Sounds yum! I love pumpkin soup :) Hope you have a lovely time!

Thanks! :D