I'm So Hurt

It would have been 6 years in December. He ended it just 9 days ago. I'm in such a dark place right now. I didn't see it coming. I didn't know how to react. I cried and cried. I'm still crying now. I know everyone says that time heals everything but right now this is so hard. It feels so unfair. I tried to talk to him a few days ago and he said that he didn't even miss me but just missed the idea of having someone there. He told me we weren't going to get back together. I couldn't understand or believe it. We were fine 2 weeks ago. Just 2 weeks ago he was telling me how he loved me and that I was his best friend. I don't understand. It's driving me crazy. I keep checking my phone hoping for a call or text. I know it's stupid and that I shouldn't wait on him because he doesn't deserve it but I can't control these feelings. I just want to wake up from this nightmare. I'm so sad.
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I'm so hurt right now....I've only dated this guy for three months and I'm already head over heels over him...one night he was telling me a story between him and his NCO...and he said well because I need to take my lady friend(me) to dinner....so my thing is, what the **** is a lady friend? I looked that up and it says it means friends with benefits.....oh that hurts me so bad.....I hate that I'm stuck....I'm afraid of breaking up but I feel like I have to be ready for it....

wish the best for ya :)

wish the best for ya :)

okay right now this feels like the most tramatic time of your life i know, since the breakup is still clearly fresh in your head. listen i will tell you the things NOT to do. don't beg for him back. i repeat, DONT beg for him back. 99.9% of the time when that happens it pushes them into thinking they made the right choice. we all feel like we have to do it but no. dont. since i dont know the whole story why they broke up with you i can't really say much but because it did last for a great length of time they can't just get over you like that. he will say anything and everything to only hurt you even more. keep in mind that your not gonna like what he will text you. don't take it to heart. dont even call him. go cold turkey. i guarantee he will want to talk to you. the key is patience. right now you have the power to save your relationship, so i can't stress enough to time it right.

Hey Brandy, thank you for your input. It's been more than two months since this happened. I can tell you that he has tried to contact me but for simple trivial things. My responses have always been short and usually ending any possibility of a conversation. Recently, I've noticed he is checking my social networks online.

I have not attempted to contact him at all. I've realized that he did me a favour by leaving me. He is lost in his own life and I know I deserve better than the way he ended things. I'm in such a better place and I didn't even think it was possible. Of course, every now and then I hurt but never like the day that I posted this story. I have not cried since. It was my lesson to learn. NEVER SETTLE!

Again, thank you for your post. Wish you the best. :) Merry Christmas and have a great New year!