She Rang Again This Sunday Morning

She rang and knew it straight away...we wanted to wake up next to each other on a lazy beautiful pre autumn Sunday morning....we both said nothing about it but i knew that why she rang and we talked about non relational, sexual and emotional topic...She loves gardening...she and her 2 kids were on their way to grandmas place for family birthday get together...but her 10 year old has just started to become a tween or teen..he didn't want to go...she says to me...i can't do anything with him...before me there were two guys in her life.....the first just plateaued...the second she this time her 10 year old (which she had when going out with a tourist) grew up.. he hasn't had the consistent father figure...and this is now being played out..when she rang a second time she said it was beyond her now...i said i think it is beyond whilst i woke and wanted her to be there..only hours later is one of the reasons why i had to leave...was I prepared to commit myself or lose myself trying to being someone or something that could never be repaired and set in motion over 10 years previous to me..So every emotion on Sunday morning whilst out riding my bike
featherhat featherhat
41-45, M
Mar 18, 2012