I'm going through a break up and it's the worst ever. Not the first time as I was in a on/off relationship of 5 years. What's hurting me is that my ex is behaving like I was such a terrible person. We broke up over a stupid argument and I tried fixing things and he wasn't having it. It wasn't over cheating/ lying or anything like that it was so petty. My final attempt was when I sent him an apology for my responsibility in the argument and all I got from him was to never text him again. I couldn't believe he said that but I didn't send him anymore messages as he asked. 1 week without contact and he text me asking me to go pick up my belongings to his house. All I responded was that I would get them whenever I had a chance. He didn't respond after that. Im not sure what belongings he is talking about, bc I haven't noticed that I'm missing anything.
Yesterday I saw that he put a picture on Instagram that said. " yes I'm single and you'll have to be effin amazing to change that." And it just hurt me so much. I know this whole argument was stupid but I've already tried fixing it. And he has to put it out there that he's single. And I know I should care anymore but I wish it was that easy.
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The one who wrongs does not take accountability

1. drown in sadness, cry your heart out, be depress.
2. wake up and absorb what happened and accept the reality.
3. make yourself busy, do things you haven't done before,enjoy new activities
4. do things to improve yourself and be a better person before
5. next thing you know you're a better person without him
yes it is very painful and no amount of advice from anyone can make you feel better. Right now just cry your heart out, there is nothing wrong in mourning something that was once OK but it should have a limit. Then after that accept what happened, you have no choice but to accept it. What you should do now is to keep yourself busy, do activities that will make you feel good and that will make you feel better. This is the right time to love yourself first. You are a wonderful person, you can get someone better than him. You deserve someone better. One day you will look back on this sad day and you'll just be thankful that this happened. I just know there is a good reason in the future why this happened. Just wait. :)

Thank you so much. You're words give me hope. And you're right there has to be a reason for this and one day I will understand it thank you again :)

:(. yeah love sucks haha.