It hurts to go through the memories to write this post. A friend of mine recommended it to get my emotions out.

Recently, I've been battling my ex's infidelities. He's been cheating for a while and hope that he would change and told myself it was a phase. It kept going on until I suggest we have an open relationship. I honestly did not fancy the lifestyle. I felt guilty and respected him. His side relationship got in between us. He still hid and lied to me about his activities.

I went to his house in the morning and saw that he had a side over ( condom wrappers, candles every where, bed was messy) she had just left a second I got there. I told him to flush his condom wrapper and did not want to see them. He immediately told me to get the **** out of his house and we were done.

I don't get it!!
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I ment to say that I hope you don't fall for his BS. Again, good luck.

Walk away and don't look back. Some people just can't commit to a good thing. If he comes back treat him as though you are over him and have the final say that it is truly over.
It may hurt but in reality if he's done it before he will do it again. If he doesn't come back then it's a big world and you will find one out there that will treat you with the respect you deserve. Hope you fall for his BS if he try's to get back in your life.
Good luck.