Here's an interesting break-up box thing;
except that when you're married you might deal with the break up bunch of boxes. Among the things that came back was an unassuming cigar box that used to house the sex toys I had gotten for my spouse; she'd never owned any before. Well the contents had grown to a g-spot vibrator, some anal beads (not used anally) and a set of 3 largish vibroballs on a remote. There were also several condoms, an electric toothbrush, and a couple of packs of poprocks. Well all of that came back to me except for the vibrator. The Pop Rocks had to go they had gotten soaked, and the condoms had all expired in 2013 or before so out those went. The electric toothbrush was dead and the battery had burst, so that's gone. This leaves the beads and the balls in the box. They're used but cleaned. the question is WHAT am I supposed to do with this? If she'd never had sex toys before and enjoyed these, why did she send those to me? Anyone have a suggestion that doesn't involve "stick 'em up your arse, mate" ?
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I still see the post ;-)

This one or the one from "questions"? I had put it down in a couple of places because it's still a burning question; what to do with these. Even donating them to good will or giving them as a gift seems.... hmmm.

Loll sounds like my answer that was deleted loll

Selling them would be unlikely too... why not put them up on ebay? As used goodies. .loll...

I mean I suppose I could, they've been cleaned, or last I checked they were since I usually took care of the cleaning... lol

Loll.... and if you keep them the futur Mrs might not appreciate. . at all..

Right, see, poor unloved vibro balls. They held such promise

and little motors and AAA batteries, but mostly promise.


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