It's hard to understand. We broke up and it seems like I'm not sure why. She tells me it's one thing then it's no more like another thing. She says it's because she never gets to see me anymore with her being in college and having a full time job and volunteering at church. I imagined our future together and I still am not able to understand what happened. It was only a few weeks ago we started drifting apart seeing each other less and less. And then we broke up and it just seems so dumb to me that we broke up over a few weeks of struggle. I feel like we didn't try long enough and a lot of the time I felt like the only one trying. 2 years and some and a few weeks of struggling ends a relationship that meant the world to me. How could something so special end so quickly. She says she needs time to think and that she still has feelings for me but she isn't sure it's right. She doesn't know if she is meant to be with me and we are meant to marry one day or that this is the true end. She also says she doesn't feel the spark anymore. And that she doesn't think it's going to come back. I wanted to try a date with us and I would do everything I could so she could feel that spark but she said she didn't want to. I'm so confused and I keep questioning her and it's making her feel bad. That's another thing. She's taking the break up so easily. I'm torn up inside and I have this storm that's ripping me apart. But she isn't even heart broken. She admitted to me that she isn't heart broken and that it's really not upsetting her that bad. Sure she's upset but nothing like she thinks she should be upset. I can't go very long at all without saying something to her or in some way checking up on her. All I want is her back. When me and her met and for the longest time we had a bond and a emotional connection that was out of this world. Kissing her was like flying, I could feel myself come off the ground and only be aware of our kiss. I don't understand. Can I here some opinions and what might have happened? Why she isn't heart broken and I am? Leave comments below I really could use some help
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I'm sorry to say the truth but she isn't heart broken because she is not the one who is fall in love deeply in the relationship. Or maybe it's because since she don't feel the spark anymore...It's hurt to say this to you but..she don't love you anymore. And when she don't love anymore, she don't have any feeling toward the relationship that both of you guys had.