So, I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago.  I kind of feel terrible, because I basically gave him no warning.  It was not a horrible relationship or anything - certain things were missing and my gut feeling told me that he wasn't the right person.  But, honestly, I miss him and am struggling to adapt to the change.  We were really comfortable with each other.

He has been rather nasty about the break-up, emailing me mean things and walking out on our conversation.  Since the break-up, I went back to smoking after a 5 week quit - sometimes I am practically chain-smoking.  I know it's such a gross habit, but I find it so soothing.

I am just feeling lost and alone.

lullata lullata
1 Response Mar 27, 2009

i know the feeling. i'm in the same boat, and i just don't want to hurt him. it's not like he did anything bad, i just realized one day that i don't thing we can be together without me being on heavy meds... so we're takin a break.