Where Did It All Go Wrong?

when we met, i knew that he was the one i wanted. he's still the one i want, but just want him to want things for himself, not just to want wht i want. if i'm gonna make all the choices and decide where to go, what movie to watch, top or bottom, what's for dinner, and just about any other minute detail, then when i do make the decision, you complain about my choice, it's like i should just be alone anyway. that's why i needed a break.

he didn't understand thatl, but he decieded to take a break because i wanted to. *sigh* i never wanted things to end up like this... how did it all get so bad so fast?

Amberlin420 Amberlin420
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 29, 2009

I think that everything has it's natural order and believe you are better off.