Healing. ♥

So I recently left my abusive, cheating, sex addict, suicidal and controlling boyfriend. He is now just another ex.

Moving on has been hard because we broke up around august...But because we "loved" each other so much, we wanted to stay friends. It has been hard and he's treating me with no respect, yet he begs me to constantly come over to his place.

I'm done with that cycle. I'm ready to move on in life.

I'll be 20 next month. Soul searching at the moment. Finding that inner happiness within myself.

I have big dreams and goals, and I know I will make it.

Just takes time, prayer, patience and believing.

So with God, Jesus and myself, I know anything is possible. Whether you believe this or not, for me I know it has worked all my life.

I'm ready. For change, peace and happiness.

Come and join me! ♥
LuisaLemon LuisaLemon
Jan 18, 2013