Meth Head Ex Has Control Of Kids

my ex husband has sole custody of my kids. i was unaware that it meant i have no legale rights to them. i see them every weekend and take care of all their medical and meterial needs .we agreed on no child support because they are with me most of the time. i dont see my ex at all because he drops them off with my husband for visitation. here is the problem. he was jus arrested for making meth!!!! i didnt even know he was using again. hes going away for a long time. he has my kids place with his ex sister in law and i cant even call them. i have begged and pleaded with her but she wont allow it. i am a drug free good mother and have done nothing wrong. i have talked to lawyers, and child protective services,and they all say i have no rights to them. they say if i try to get custody that he can take them when he gets out.  what do i do. no one will help me and i know my kids are scared and confusd. im so worried about them

tammysteel tammysteel
26-30, F
Feb 13, 2010